“LPS has worked hard to be proactive and preventative when it comes to supporting the mental health and well-being of our students and their families.  These efforts have provided us with long-term expertise and programs that work, such as: connecting families to community mental health resources, restorative justice specialists, outreach for students at risk of dropping out, anti-bullying programs, suicide prevention, parent workshops and more.  All of these efforts need resources both financial and human.  The passage of 4C will help us keep those professionals we need to sustain our efforts and to meet the growing needs of our student population.” 

-Mary McGlone, Current Senior and Former LPS Parent and LPS Foundation President 

I’ll be voting yes as I think the best thing for our community is a well-educated generation. Teacher salaries and the amount spent per child are some of the lowest in the country. LPS has managed to stay a “destination district” and I hope it stays that way. For those concerned with property values, if our schools go downhill so will our property values.

Renee Spangler, Concerned LPS Parent

“This is a small price to pay to maintain a solid educational foundation for our community. Good schools are vital to creating good communities.” 

– Lisa Edwards

I have far more faith in this community than in our state government.  Our community knows the value of great schools.

 –Jack Reutzel, Board of Education President, Littleton Public Schools 

“We have LPS kids graduating with career and technical education certificates like CNA, cosmetology, or automotive technician and walking directly into the workforce. We have other LPS students winning national history day awards. Our district is top-notch. I’d like to keep it that way. I support a mill levy increase.”

– Monica Fuglei, Concerned LPS Parent

HATS OFF TO YOU! a word of THANKS from Citizens for LPS…

Citizens for LPS would like to “endorse” and thank IMS Printing & Signs, a LPS family-owned and local Littleton business that has provided our campaign with prompt and friendly service. Please check them out! https://www.imscolorado.com

Also….Thank you to the many local organizations who contributed to the Citizens for LPS campaign.

“Let’s not forget how many people move to this area because of Littleton Public Schools, thus increasing your property value.  When we no longer have art, or music, or STEM classes, or business classes, the district will not be rated as highly as it currently is.  Your property value depends on our schools being great.  A few hundred more in taxes will equal thousands more in property value, every single year.”

MARIA FRAIETTA, Concerned LPS Parent

“Our children and grandchildren have benefitted from the strong foundation LPS provides. As 11-year senior volunteers in various LPS classrooms, we have witnessed first-hand the needs of the District. We will vote yes on the mill levy because keeping LPS schools strong benefits the community we have called home for nearly 50 years.”

– Sharon and Bill Barnes