The Need for 4C

LPS, like every other public school district in Colorado, has suffered more than a decade of budget cuts due to the State of Colorado’s unwillingness and now inability to fund its public schools the way in which it promised. An entire generation of LPS students has been shortchanged more than $156 million over the last decade. Think of what LPS could have done with that funding! Now, COVID-19 has made it impossible for the State to fulfill its obligation to its public schools, even if it chose to. The state will not — cannot — help.  School districts are on their own.

Without a local solution, LPS is facing catastrophic cuts for the 2021-2022 school year and in every year thereafter for the foreseeable future. $12 million in cuts are inevitable. The LPS this community values will no longer exist as we know it. The only way to come up with that kind of money is to drastically change the way we operate and drastically reduce the opportunities we offer students of all ages.Passage of a $12 million Debt-Free Schools Mill Levy Override will help fill the hole left by the state. It will allow LPS to:

  • Continue to attract and retain quality teachers
  • Maintain school counseling for mental health and suicide prevention
  • Provide career, technology, and skilled trade classes that equip students with real world job skills such as health care, computer science and trades

The cost to LPS taxpayers is less than $43 a year for every $100,000 of actual home value.

The Board knows it’s a difficult time to ask, but the Board felt It would be irresponsible to NOT ask the voters, as LPS will dramatically change without its passage. It simply can no longer absorb the cuts from state. Something must be done.

4C Ballot Language

In order to make more general fund revenues available for the purposes described below, shall arapahoe county school district number six (littleton public schools) taxes be increased by $12,000,000 in 2020 for collection in 2021 and by such amount in any year thereafter as may be raised from a mill levy of up to 11 mills, provided that the mill levy for the first year shall not exceed 6 mills and no mill levy increase from year to year thereafter shall exceed one mill in any particular year, and provided further that such mill levy may be increased annually such that the amount of revenue produced by such mill levy reflect the percentage increase in inflation, with the effect that more general fund revenues will be available for purposes such as:

Continuing to attract and retain quality teachers;

Maintaining school counseling for mental health and suicide prevention;

Providing career, technology, and skilled trades classes that provide students with real world job skills such as health care, skilled trades and computer science;

And shall such additional revenues from this tax increase, imposed pursuant to and in accordance with section 22-54-108.7, c.R.S., be deposited into the supplemental capital construction, technology and maintenance fund and used for ongoing cash funding for capital construction, new instructional technology, existing technology upgrades, and maintenance needs of the district; and shall the district be authorized to increase such mill levy beginning in tax collection year 2022 and annually thereafter to offset property tax refunds or abatements or reductions in the percentage of actual valuation used to determine assessed valuation?

About the 4C Campaign

Littleton Public Schools is fortunate to have a community that has overwhelmingly passed every bond and mill-levy override ever brought to an election, and we want 4C to be no exception! The Board’s “All Means All” resolution was put in place to strive to ensure that one hundred percent of LPS students will graduate prepared for meaningful postsecondary opportunities while also getting to experience music, arts, athletics, and other extracurricular activities. Passing 4C will help support these opportunities and experiences that our community has grown to cherish as key facets of an LPS education. 

We have an active campaign committee that needs the support of all citizens within LPS boundaries. We need volunteer community members to display yard signs, write postcards, help with text banking, and support 4C on social media. In addition to gifts of time, we greatly appreciate any financial contributions as well. Please add your name and email at the top of the webpage to support the campaign.

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